Easy-Peasy Ice Cream Recipes

The warmer months are here and what better way to enjoy a hot day than to have a sweet, cold treat like ice cream. Make your own homemade ice cream with these easy-peasy ice cream recipes that are both fun and delicious.

Who says making ice cream at home requires an ice cream machine? Gone are the days of yore when making ice cream is difficult. These days, it is possible to make ice cream without using a machine and with only two simple ingredients. Ice cream has never been more easy.

Typically, to make ice cream, you must churn it in a special machine, which can take up a lot of your time. Sometimes, it can also be tricky and you may end up with runny ice cream instead of that creamy ice cream of your dreams. Before you run to the store and buy ice cream, or before you sit and wait on the street corner for the ice cream van to drive by, try making yourself yummy ice cream at home without the hassle. You will only need two ingredients to make it – heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk. Yes, it’s possible! So, take out your bowls and your standard hand mixer and let’s get started.

Ingredients: Heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk

Tools needed: Two large bowls, smaller bowls (the number of bowls needed depends on how many flavors you choose to make), tubs or containers, a spatula, and hand mixer


  1. First, whip the heavy cream in a large bowl using a hand mixer. Whip it until it has a thick texture but be careful not to over whip the cream. You know it’s good to go when the cream stands stiffly if you take out the beater – that’s the perfect texture for your ice cream.
  2. In another large bowl, pour the sweetened condensed milk and slowly fold the cream into it with a spatula. Mix both ingredients gently to make sure it keeps light and aerated.
  3. In separate bowls, pour some of the cream mixture and incorporate extracts (like vanilla for that classic ice cream flavor) and other flavor elements (such as crushed Oreos, peanut butter, Nutella, etc.).

Tip: you can also mix your flavor with the sweetened condensed milk first before folding in the cream. Any way you want it is fine – it will still make a great homemade ice cream.

  1. Put your flavored ice cream mixture into tubs or containers and freeze it into the freezer for about 5-8 hours or until it is firm. Metal containers are best in freezing your ice cream fast than glass ones.
  2. And viola, you’re done with your ice cream!

With this easy ice cream recipe, you can also add a whole bunch of flavors to satisfy your ice cream cravings. Or, you can use this easy ice cream recipe to create your own ice cream bar on that next party of yours. Your guests can customize their own ice cream however they want and whichever flavor their heart desires. Everyone will surely love it. Here are some ice cream flavor suggestions that you can try to recreate at the comfort of your home:

  • Nutella Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe: for 2 cups of heavy cream and 2 cups of sweetened condensed milk, add 3 tbsp of melted butter, 1/2 cup of Nutella, and 1 cup of melted peanut butter chips
  • S’mores Ice Cream Recipe: add marshmallows (toasted or not), crushed graham crackers, and chocolate chunks
  • Lemony Treat Ice Cream Recipe: add lemon zest and lemon extract

. . . and more! The possibilities are endless. Serve your ice cream on a sunny day (or a rainy day, it is up to you) and enjoy this creamy ice cream goodness!